July/August 2018
Hello campers!
Hope you’re all keeping cool and enjoying the heatwave, perfect camping weather; the only downside is that there will probably be a hosepipe ban!
                    Our meet at Connonley saw 45units over the five days, a fantastic turnout with lovely weather, excellent for Skipton gala with a brilliant procession and lots of loud music and smiling faces; then back on the train with a quick visit to the local – well it’d be rude not to seeing as we were passing the door – and let me tell you, it’s a proper gin palace in there!! I could have stayed there all night sampling them! But we had to get back for the communal barbecue and Hawiian night, thankfully the weather made the grass skirts very appropriate; plenty of good music and good company. Another perk of all this sun is that everyone’s solar lights are getting a good charge and shining brightly, easily lighting the way back to the van! Sunday dawned bright and sunny meaning the kids all went playing out – but poor Kaia fell necessitating a trip to the hospital where it was discovered that she had broken her leg – that’s a bit of a drastic way to get some extra time off school!!! Seriously we all wish her a speedy recovery. Lockside at Ripon was also well attended but not so many Ribblesdale members; we surmised that the A59 being closed at Blubberhouses probably had something to do with it. It didn’t stop those who were there from enjoying themselves though!! Our meet at Austwick was a step back in time; it is absolutely years since we’ve been there – we had over 20 units, so some of you  must have had fond memories of the place! On the Saturday a group of us went round to Clapham to help put up the marquee ready for the THS – very hot and thirsty work! Back on the Saturday evening we were treated to music and songs from Jeff and friends – the only bugbear was the ever present midges!
                   The THS at Clapham is well and truly open and we can actually in all honesty call it sunny Clapham so far. As always there is a warm welcome from the stewards, there is plenty going on – boules, bingo, socials, cream teas, quizzes, a race night, live football (though if you hadn’t noticed that is over now!), raffles and the ever popular auction on Sunday morning – last Sunday the raffle and auction raised £250 for our charity Guide Dogs for the Blind which is truly fantastic – we even had some people upping their own bids to raise a bit more – either they were a bit too “tired” to realise what they were doing or they were determined to secure the object at whatever cost; then again it may have something to do with the auctioneer’s powers of persuasion!! Don’t forget, if you want to clear out your garage like Julie, we’ll gladly take them for the auction, someone’s bound to find use for your unwanted stuff. There was a bit more entertainment on Sunday morning – David managed to lock himself out of his caravan with the keys still inside! As is usual people were more than willing to help! The bathroom window was opened followed by a discussion about who was going through (and how he was going to do it!!) David was the chosen one; after all it was his van and he was the smallest there. But how to get in? If he climbed through there was the danger of stepping onto the sink and damaging it – what about the other way? David(who bearing in mind is 74!) was then lifted with the intention of going in head first (!) Unfortunately that was abandoned before I could get the phone onto camera mode – laughing too much – so the hunt was on for a small ish child, when Barry came with his keys which k luckily unlocked the door. Crisis averted, but a good photo opportunity missed! There’s never a dull moment with the Ribb!!
  This weekend,28th, is Clapham fun day which is always a good day and the sun usually shines all day, so that’s another good reason to come and stay. The THS runs until August 14th so there is still plenty of time to come and join us  and reunite with old friends and make new ones. August 17 -19  we are at Bay View  where the rally field overlooks Morecambe bay and at the August bank holiday we are at Kelso in Scotland for the  BCC FOL; we are getting a good batch of bookings, it should be a brilliant meet.There is still time if you want to join us – just put Ribblesdale on the booking form where it asks you where you want to camp. We hope to see you there, the more the merrier, and don’t forget your lights!!
                        See you on the field,   
                                         Karen B.

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