January 2019
Hope you have all got over Christmas and the new year and are busy planning this year’s camping calendar! We spent a brilliant new year meet at Southport; to begin with there was no sign of snow or ice etc so there were no problems getting there – mind you, the landowners were a bit tight with the land, cordoning off areas, so there was a bit less space, but arriving later than most we got one of the best spots overlooking the lake! It doesn’t always pay to be first in the queue!!
This year the first night was a bit different with an eighties theme, so of course everyone went into the back of their wardrobes to find the clothes they never quite had the heart to get rid of (I can hear my mum saying that everything comes back into fashion sooner or later!!) Plenty of shell suits, tutus, leg warmers, big hair, blue eyeshadows, you get the picture. A pie and peas supper and plenty of eighties music all added to a good evening of catch up. Saturday morning saw the now famous Ribblesdale café open for breakfast, as always excellent value and after a free afternoon (quick one in Wetherspoons,etc!) back to get ready for tea; once again impeccably served by the new year committee. After tea there was a session of ever popular bingo, and then what a treat! The committee had been given a sum of money and told they could book an entertainer (yes a real live one!) and they really came up trumps! We gave them the choice of act so that they couldn’t blame us if it was rubbish, but we needn’t have worried! We were brilliantly entertained by Kadie Jo Green who was advertised as a female vocalist but was much more than that. With excellent interaction with the audience she even had the kids up flossing madly, tiring them out; even a “wardrobe malfunction” didn’t put her off her stride! I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who wondered what Pauline was doing creeping up behind her!! Apparently she’s off to Lanzarote soon, so if you’re passing a bar and see her name be sure to go and see her! Just be a bit wary about leaving the room for a cig or the loo!!
The following day saw rehearsals for Ribblesdale’s Got Talent and once again it proved to be so with songs, gymnastics and monologues. The very worthy winner was Barbara with her superb commentary on life at the new year meet, which I can honestly confirm she was still working on during the morning! Well done to all who took part, hopefully it will be just as good if not better next year. After the cabaret I was wondering how we would follow that and the evening before, a tall order, but the introduction of some old games and a couple of newish ones plus some audience participation with Kath ( I’m sure if I’d have asked her to talk while I was explaining the game she would have zipped up – she was worse than the kids!!) and a bit of dancing meant the evening slipped by quickly.
New year’s eve; a bit of retail therapy and a bit of liquid sustenance, then back to prepare for the evening’s festivities; everyone “suited and booted” and “dressed to impress” – didn’t realise that our female members have legs!!! The grand raffle at 8pm ensured everyone was there in good time to enjoy the evening of fun games and dancing leading up to the all important chimes at midnight and another year gone!! Just time for a quick forty winks and back for the big clean up – you’d never know we’d been there! As always a massive thanks must go to the new year committee who as ever gave 110% - no holiday break for them – I’m sure the only time they left the site was to walk the dogs!!And when they get home they start planning the next one!
At our early bird meet at Whittingham and Goosnargh we had 13 units, with a get together on Friday night for a natter and on Saturday we had the super heroes social, many members must have classed themselves as super heroes!! A jacob’s join with plenty of variety, all we needed now was the music – hang on, where was the bloke with the keys to access the music equipment? Out?! Out where?! Thank goodness for Bluetooth speakers and I phones!! Not quite what we had in mind but as seasoned campers we have a solution to most things!! Congratulations to Zoe on her engagement, unfortunately her parents have not quite trained her in the art of arranging non camping social arrangements around the camping calendar!! Only joking, save us a bit of cake!!
Our season starts proper at Farmer Parr’s, Fleetwood 14th-19th February with a get together on Saturday evening, then you can go straight on to Dale Hey, Ribchester 19th-24th where there is a change of stewards, the new stewards are Lilian and Peter 07735041457. 28th February – 3rd March is the AGM at Turnover Hall Farm St. Michael’s on the Wyre – hopefully the snow will stay away this year! There is hard standing and electric hook-ups available. The AGM begins at 6pm sharp on Saturday 2nd March. Please remember to bring your membership cards to the meeting as you will need them to gain entry, also if you have received your new copy of the BCC book it’s an ideal time to hand in the membership card and become a fully fledged Ribblesdale member for another year. As always there will be a buffet and a social following the AGM.
Moving on a little our Easter meet is still on at Lytham, although it has had to be put back to a five day meet despite the success of the THS last year. There will be all the usual events; socials, bingo, coffee morning, Easter competitions, including the very successful egg hunt that was introduced last year. The meet opens at 12pm on the 17th AND NOT A MINUTE BEFORE!! If you need any information or start times the people to contact are the stewards whose numbers are in the book and on the website; they are the ones who have the most up to date information about their meet – the start time, availability of spaces, the state of the field etc.

Later on at Spring Bank Holiday we are having our usual THS at Langcliffe where this year Ribblesdale will be celebrating 40 years; watch this space!! There is also a rota available for members to put their names down for various roles during the rally; every little helps!
Here’s to a happy and healthy 2019 and many months of happy camping!
See you on the field, Karen B.

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